Flat, Swivel Mops

June 24th, 2008
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One of the major advantages of microfiber mops is that they have flat heads, and poles that swivel so that you can reach into small spaces and under furniture. Most microfiber flat mop hardware flattens down to about 1″ off of the ground, and swivels 360 degrees.

Some of the hardware features a locking head mechanism that allows the user to control how the mop swivels. This is preferred when you are trying to clean walls and ceilings.

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Microfiber Mop Images

June 5th, 2008
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There is a wide range of types of microfiber mops pads, they are all not the same. Most fall into one of two categories: wet and dry. As their names suggest wet pads are designed to be used with water or some other solution, and the dry pads are designed for dust mopping.

The wet mop pads are generally more coarse than dust mop pads which are soft. Originally, when microfiber mops were first designed there was only one pad available, similar to the current dust pads, but we quickly found out that the dust pads become more difficult to push across the floor when wet. So the wet pad was redesigned with 50% microfiber and 50% polyester (have you ever noticed that wet pads are generally speckled, the dark strands are polyester and the light strands are microfiber) . The polyester is more abrasive (better scrubbing ability, which is good for wet mopping), and it is less grabby so it moves easy across the floor.

You may have also noticed that some scrubber or scouring mop pads have stripes. Those stripes are generally a stiffer material (again polyester), while the softer parts are microfiber. This gives the mop superior scrubbing ability, but it still maintains the magnetic and capillary characteristics of microfiber.

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1. Chemicals are not necessary.

2. Microfiber Mops are considerably lighter.

3. No bucket necessary.

4. Reduces cross contamination.

5. One mop for dusting and wet mopping.

6. Can be used on all surfaces.

7. Picks up dirt, dust, and spills, doesn’t push around.

8. Superior absorbency.

9. Easily reach under surfaces.

10. Can be used to clean high ceilings.

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With microfiber mops you can clean your floors without chemicals.

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